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Our Rattan Hammock Spa was born from longing for the deeply relaxing massages we experienced while living in Asia.

Why the name? The ‘rattan hammock’ is an inseparable element of the island tradition in the Philippines. It is for us a symbol of relaxation and serenity, a moment of break in the otherwise busy hustle of everyday.


The Rattan Hammock Spa is a special place. A haven where you can slow down, catch your breath, and be revitalized, indulge in a calming experience and restore your energy in one of the six fully-equipped treatment rooms.

We warmly invite you to the Rattan Hammock world where the long massage strokes together with our calming music will bring you in the world of serenity where you can relax and truly indulge the body, mind and spirit.

Ratanowy Hamak Team

At Rattan Hammock Spa we exclusively hire highly qualified massage therapists. Our massage therapists hold certificates of renowned Asian massage schools and accreditation from the Philippines Ministry of Health. Our Team has many years of experience and practiced in the most prestigious spas including 5-Star Peninsula hotel in Manila.

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